The Science of Homemaking


Homemaking may be described as an art by some, but for me it is more of a science. The precision with which so many activities have to be executed to run an organized and clean household goes beyond what is required from an artist. It is more the job of scientist to develop theories about how to better manage time, experiment in the kitchen and laundry room, and accept that failure is an option. Finding solutions to household problems and project requires research, consultation with experts (mothers are in the top of my list) and patience to engage is some trail and error.

From finding what removes stains the best, to the perfect ration of honey to Dijon mustard to olive oil in tonight’s salad dressing, the day is full of small tests and experiments. If you need further proof of homemaking as science, just read the back of any cleaning product label and you will be transported to High School Chemistry class.

I will be adding tips and tricks for cooking, cleaning and organizing that have proved to be quite helpful to keep the house running smoothly! Please comment if you have some secret up your own sleeves!


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