Day 6: Changes


Before I continued posting on the blog, I wanted to make sure I had a clear direction of where it was going and what I was going to continue sharing. I came up with a plan that involves two sections instead of the current one.

The front page will be the equivalent of “Section 1” and will include thoughts and musings about life and home, while the second section will be devoted to “The Science of Homemaking”. Many people call it an art, but really, when it involves exact timing, trial and error, math, and various experiments (stain removal is basically chemistry class) it is nothing short of science.

On this page I will include tips about cleaning stoves, washing away stains, keeping foods safe in the fridge and recipe testing. I have not yet decided whether I will include my sewing adventures here. Since I’m so new at this part, I have no idea what I could possibly contribute to the huge amount of work already on the internet. Except, perhaps adding to the many scared and frustrated voices out there complaining about bobbins and finger pricks.

So tomorrow I will begging adding posts to either section and seeing how that goes. Maybe it will help me keep my thoughts compartmentalized, maybe it will just create duplication, I’m not sure. We can try it out for a few weeks and see where it goes. If you have any ideas, they are more than welcome!

Hope you come back to try out the new format.