Day 7: Book Review: David Lebovitz’s “The Sweet Life in Paris”


If you area an aspiring French Chef with smart sense of humor, this is the book for you! Or if you are anything like me and just like to cook and laugh, its the book for you, too! Before I actually begin with the book review, let me tell you how I stumbled across the author.

A few months back (may have been closer to a year) I was on Smitten Kitchen looking for a new chocolate chip cookie recipe when I found “our favorite chocolate chip cookies.” Not only was the recipe amazing, but she also happened to mention David Lebovitz and his Great Book of Chocolate. They both had me after chocolate. So I turned to his website and realized I had to add him to my list of people I wish someday can become my friends (right up there with Jimmy Fallon and Joe Biden).

When his newest book came out, I wasn’t sure I could commit to buying it, so I waited and waited on my library’s hold queue until finally I got my chance. It took me one page to realize I was going to buy the book and two pages to put it down, open my computer and on-click shop it on Amazon.

What does this man hold over me, you may ask. Well, its simple, he is a cooking David Sedaris (from Me Talk Pretty One Day fame). While The Sweet Life in Paris is by no means a new book, but it’s still worth a read if you want a good laugh.

The recipes are also pretty great, if you manage to stop laughing and actually get them. From the descriptions of moving to a tiny dirty apartment, to banks not having money, and having to bring his own gauze to the hospital, every page will make you laugh. Sometimes out loud. (Don’t say you haven’t been warned when strangers in public give you a weird look).

One reason why I think I enjoyed the book so much is because I can totally relate to moving to a new country and finding my new sleeping accommodations to be sub-optimal. I also still don’t understand how banks get any work done if they close at 1pm in some countries; and don’t even get me started on the number of healthcare systems I have had to experience due to work and travel.

Would I recommend this book to a friend?: Most definitely

Type of reader who may enjoy it: smart humor enthusiasts, travelers (esp. is you have been or plan on going to Paris), food lovers, and all those who have lived in foreign countries.

Laugh factor: Definitely laugh out loud. Or at least giggle loudly.