Day 4: (Backlog) Current Events


Sometimes writing about our own problems and lives can seem so petty with so much going on in the world. I took a few days away from the keyboard to process what was going on and now there are a few topics I want to get out there.

Without getting political about it, what happened to all those people in the Malaysian airlines plane (and what continues to happen to their belongings and their remains) is unfathomable. There is no justification to bring down a plane carrying civilians, and much less to presumably move their remains and loot what is left from their belongings.

I lived through a civil war, and since have learned a lot about the unintended consequences and casualties of war; “collateral damage” as some will say. Whether whomever shoat that plane down knew it was a commercial airliner and wanted to make a statement, or whether it was a mistake (and what a mistake that was) this should open some eyes and shake some consciences into finding a peaceful solution to the issues in the region.

And the Ukraine-Russia regions is not the only one that needs to find solutions before more innocent people die. What is happening in Gaza is very tragic and very loaded given the historical context of the region. Everyone just needs to put egos aside, think about what is best for all citizens involved (and not just their political careers) and try to come up with a sensible solution. It probably won’t be a final solution, but something sensible enough to stop the killing of so many and destruction of so much.

I can go on for many more hours writing about the issues afflicting the world now and remembering why I felt so jaded working in the foreign policy, democracy and poverty reduction circles. Sometimes no matter how hard  you try to make the world a better place, there is no one definition of “better” and everyone is as convinced as you are that their way is the better way.


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