Day 1: Post-World Cup Thoughts


After 30 days of binge soccer watching and heart wrenching losses, the “Copas das Copas” has come to an end. While I will continue to follow “futbol” (I’m a born and raised Latin American after all), many will find that they no longer want to be in the bandwagon.

The Germany v. Argentina matchup was not the most exciting I’ve witnessed. I spent a few hours deciding who I was going to root for. On the one side I love empanadas, but I also love German beers. In the end it came down to the fact that I have not met a German I did not like and I happened to have a very dislikable Argentinean boss at one time. So I rooted for the Mannschaft.

113+ minutes later, I was as happy as any German. I put my heart and soul into team selection. I guess when Peru makes it to the World Cup again I will back them, until then, I pick a team every game. Let me tell you, its exhausting!

Now that its over, afternoons feel a bit empty. Good thing I just got hooked on “Castle” and that TNT runs a marathon of episodes every day. But there are somethings I won’t let go of, starting with my obsession with “Men in Blazers” and tiny bananas (just check my Instagram and see how adorable they are. The bananas, of course!).

Well, that does it for the first entry. I’ll try to be more enlightening on the following post. Stay tuned for recipes, organization tips and tons of puppy pictures. For now, futbol (and the lack thereof) is the only thing on my mind.


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